Domestic Options for International Clients

Collections options provided by our team of experts.

B2B Collection

Collecting outstanding commercial debts requires paitence and skill.

Judgment Enforcement

We seize assets and garnish banks untill we are paid in full.

Mediation Advocacy

We can represent your company in Alternative Dispute Resolution to settle a debt.


We broker a settelment between you and the commercial debtor.

U.S. Based Options For Worldwide Companies

In business today, boundaries and borders no longer exist as they once did – a majority of companies do some level of international trade. So it would stand to reason that there would be many companies to choose from when seeking a  commercial debt collection agency. However, there are actually very few quality commercial debt collection agencies available to support a creditor with foreign debtors.


With over a decade of experience collecting for clients, Prairie River Capital,LLC has established a market position as one of the few commercial collection agencies with expertise in working with international creditors. We specialize in collecting for international clients and successfully collect commercial debt in North and South America,for clients located in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and parts of Asia.


With the communication barrier lowered, access to a full recovery is opened, and the process of collection is identical to our domestic US recoveries. We’ll speak with a decision-maker at your debtor, ask why the account is still outstanding, resolve any spurious disputes, and leverage amicable collection to achieve payment. If necessary, we will forward the account to a debt collection agency or debt collection lawyer based in the debtor’s country or city. What does this mean for you? This strategy increases the speed of collection, and reduces the cost of collection.