Judgment Enforcement

Court judgments can be bought and sold like any other asset. Prairie River Capital, LLC works with Debt Buyers, Collections Agencies, Attorneys, Creditors and Debtors to facilitate the stratigic aquisition, sale, settlement or enforcement of debts that have been reduced to a civil judgment.



We Help Debtors Pay

Most civil judgments will NEVER GET REPAID. As you know by now, even if you hold a civil judgment, nothing can guarentee the debtors ability to pay.


The cost and skill required to "force" a debtor to pay can be astronomical and rapidly deplete any economic gain. We have the skill and experieance to leverage the debtors non-exempt assets and convert them into payment.


We take Full Asignment of the judgment, eliminating you from the equation. As the new owner of the judgment, we use the power of the courts to garnish accounts and seize assets. Our fee is 50% of we collect, less costs and expences. We cover the costs of collection and retrieve them from the debtor, the result is a no up front fee solution for you.